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Alix Earring Charm - Gold VermeilAlix Earring Charm - Gold Vermeil
Alix Earring Charm - Rhodium VermeilAlix Earring Charm - Rhodium Vermeil
Allegra Earring - Gold VermeilAllegra Earring - Gold Vermeil
Allegra Earring - Rhodium VermeilAllegra Earring - Rhodium Vermeil
Allegra Mini Studs - Gold VermeilAllegra Mini Studs - Gold Vermeil
Allegra Mini Studs - Sterling SilverAllegra Mini Studs - Sterling Silver
Allegra Pearl Earring - Gold VermeilAllegra Pearl Earring - Gold Vermeil
Allegra Pearl Earring - Rhodium VermeilAllegra Pearl Earring - Rhodium Vermeil
Amelie Pearl Earring - Gold PlatedAmelie Pearl Earring - Gold Plated
Amelie Pearl Earring - SilverAmelie Pearl Earring - Silver
Amelie Pearl Earring - Silver Sale priceFrom $200.00
Argo Earring Charm - Gold VermeilArgo Earring Charm - Gold Vermeil
Argo Earring Charm - Rhodium VermeilArgo Earring Charm - Rhodium Vermeil
Aston Pearl Hoops - Gold VermeilAston Pearl Hoops - Gold Vermeil
Aston Pearl Hoops - Sterling SilverAston Pearl Hoops - Sterling Silver
Augustine Pearl Earrings - Gold PlatedAugustine Pearl Earrings - Gold Plated
Augustine Pearl Earrings - Sterling SilverAugustine Pearl Earrings - Sterling Silver
Halston Hoops - Gold VermeilHalston Hoops - Gold Vermeil
Halston Hoops - Sterling SilverHalston Hoops - Sterling Silver
Harlow Earrings - Gold PlatedHarlow Earrings - Gold Plated
Harlow Earrings - Sterling SilverHarlow Earrings - Sterling Silver
Harper Pearl Earrings - Gold PlatedHarper Pearl Earrings - Gold Plated
Harper Pearl Earrings - Sterling SilverHarper Pearl Earrings - Sterling Silver
Kaya Pearl Earring Charm - Gold VermeilKaya Pearl Earring Charm - Gold Vermeil
Kaya Pearl Earring Charm - Sterling SilverKaya Pearl Earring Charm - Sterling Silver
Mina Earring - Gold VermeilMina Earring - Gold Vermeil
Mina Earring - Gold Vermeil Sale price$100.00
Mina Earring - Sterling SilverMina Earring - Sterling Silver
Mina Pearl Earring - Gold VermeilMina Pearl Earring - Gold Vermeil
Mina Pearl Earring - Sterling SilverMina Pearl Earring - Sterling Silver
Rae Earring - Gold VermeilRae Earring - Gold Vermeil
Sold outRae Earring - Sterling SilverRae Earring - Sterling Silver
Rae Pearl Earring - Gold VermeilRae Pearl Earring - Gold Vermeil
Rae Pearl Earring - Sterling SilverRae Pearl Earring - Sterling Silver
Soho Earrings - Gold PlatedSoho Earrings - Gold Plated
Soho Earrings - Gold Plated Sale price$270.00
Soho Earrings - Sterling SilverSoho Earrings - Sterling Silver
Verona Earrings - Gold PlatedVerona Earrings - Gold Plated
Verona Earrings - SilverVerona Earrings - Silver
Verona Earrings - Silver Sale priceFrom $250.00