If you damage your Allegra Allure pieces or when the time comes to replace their plating, we can restore your pieces back to their beautiful original condition.


Our pieces aren't designed to be worn for just a season - we want you to keep loving your Allegra Allure treasures indefinitely. Unfortunately it is inevitable that the plating on your jewellery (just like any other plated or vermeil jewellery) will wear off over time - this is a natural part of the wear and tear process (and is not a fault).

Allegra Allure pieces are expertly crafted out of quality materials and there are things you can do to prolong the lifespan of the plating (read our care guide here), but when the time comes to give your jewellery a face lift, we can restore it and give it back its original lustre for a small fee.

Email us via for more information or a re-plating and repair quote.