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Sometimes it's the darkest moments in life that spark a fire from deep within; moments that shake you to the core and make you realise that life is way too short to be mediocre.

In late 2016, my world was flipped upside down by the very sudden passing of a close family member, my father figure. After the initial shock and grief subsided, this idea of creating something meaningful to me, and hopefully to others, consumed me. His loss made me more passionate than ever about living my life to my highest potential. And so the tiny little seed that would become Allegra Allure was born.

I've always been creatively inclined and have always toyed with the idea of launching a jewellery label. This time, I knew it was actually going to eventuate. I didn't know where to begin and what it was going to look like, all I knew was that I would make the sort of jewellery I wanted to wear myself -- pieces that were unique, high quality and unconventionally stylish. Being a firm believer in slow fashion and mindful design, it was extremely important to me that my jewellery pieces were investments and not something that was worn for only a season, contributing to our problematic throw away culture. 

For the next two and a half years I threw myself into this project. I drew shapes on my fingers and wrists, I sketched, I had spontaneous ideas come to me in the most random moments, I brainstormed, I learned, I travelled, I got disheartened a few times, I let life get in the way too many times, but every time I looked at my pieces, in sketch or in sample form, I felt the same passion and drive as I did in the very beginning.

So there I was in 2019, launching the label with a clear vision and purpose. Allegra Allure is about beauty in all its forms. It celebrates individuality and uniqueness. It celebrates you. Jewellery, and fashion in general, can be described as superficial, but I don’t necessarily see it like that.

Allegra Allure is about adorning yourself with something that feels like an artistic, tangible expression of who you are -- something that makes you feel good from within.

I design my jewellery pieces with this philosophy in mind. They are unique, versatile and complementary, designed to be worn together, or separately -- whatever works for you. You can stack and layer items for a more elevated and detailed look, or keep it stripped back and minimal, depending on your mood. You do you. 

I believe that we, as people, are not designed to be stagnant. We move, we grow, our perceptions change. I wanted to create something that is reflective of this with pieces that evolve with you through time. 

Aesthetically I've always loved asymmetry and contrast especially when it comes to earrings. Who said earrings are supposed to be matching, anyway? Allegra Allure is about giving the wearer the freedom of creating their own style. 

I really hope you love wearing your pieces as much as I loved creating them and I hope they are treasured and loved for many years to come.

No matter your story, your quirks, background, gender, age or shape - this is for you.