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Be good to your jewellery and it'll be good to you.


Allegra Allure jewellery is handcrafted from sterling silver by expert silversmiths. The pieces are plated in a thick layer of either 18k yellow gold or rhodium (classing them as vermeil), and are finished with a high polish.

The freshwater pearls used in our jewellery are hand picked to ensure the least amount of differentiation between each piece, however as they are an organic material slight colour, texture and shape variation can occur. This is not a fault; the naturally occurring variations and inclusions are what make your pieces unique.

Your vermeil pieces are delicate and require some extra TLC when wearing, storing and cleaning, in order to ensure their longevity and prolong the lifespan of their plating. Please read our tips below.

1. Don't spray your favourite perfume, cologne, hair spray, essential oils, etc, directly onto your pieces. Chemicals, alcohol, acids and other ingredients in these may damage the delicate plating on the jewellery and accelerate fading and tarnishing. The same goes for hand sanitisers, hand creams, body lotions, fake tans, soaps and detergents, fruit and vegetables and even the pH of your own skin (some people are more acidic). Chlorinated water is another one to watch out for. We recommend that you remove your jewellery prior to your glam routine, washing and sanitising hands, showering, swimming, sleeping, exercising and cooking.

2. Silver is not indestructible and it is inevitable that your pieces will develop scratches over time from everyday wear and tear, but you can minimise this by treating your jewellery with some TLC. Avoid abrasive surfaces, banging or rubbing your jewellery on hard surfaces or against each other as this will definitely leave scratches and dents in your pieces. 

3. In between wears, store your pieces in their individual boxes or pouches. Don't leave your jewellery out in direct sunlight, heat or moisture. If you're planning on not wearing your pieces for a lengthy period of time, we recommend storing them in an airtight container.

4. When it comes to cleaning, we don't recommend using jewellery (or silver) polishing cloths, tissue paper or paper towel as these may damage the plating and leave scratches. Gently wash your pieces-- do not vigorously rub them-- in warm water with very mild soap and dry immediately. A very soft, damp cloth is good too. It's important to clean your pieces periodically to remove any build up including the natural oils from your skin.

If you have any questions relating to caring for your pieces, don't hesitate to email us via

When the time comes to give your pieces a little refresh, or if you've damaged your treasures, we can give them back their luster. Check out our re-plating and repair service.